July 11th, 2008

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Of all the EXPLETIVE DELETED nerve!!!!

jessara40k very kindly notified me that someone apparently plagiarized my Final Fantasy VII fic "Conflicts of Interest".

This is the link to my fic, posted at FF.net since May 2000:

This is the plagiarized version recently posted in July 2008:
EDIT 1: Since the plagiarized version on FF.net has been deleted (as of 13-Jun-2008) -- thank you everyone who reported it! -- here's a PDF copy of the plagarized version:

Not only a plagiarist, but a fucking incompetent one at that! Couldn't even take the trouble to change the title, a word or two, or even format the stolen fic properly? Sheesh!

EDIT 2: Unfortunately, although the plagiarized copy of COI has been removed, the plagiarist is still on FF.net. You can find her 'author' profile here (it makes for some amusing reading!):