March 6th, 2007

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Contemplating Cetra genes...

Some random musings on Cetra genes and how they relate to the COI characters....

Warning: Loads of pseudo-scientific geekiness ahead!

As I've mentioned before, COI assumes that while some Cetra bloodlines remained relatively pure, a wide variety of Cetra genes have migrated into the human population via interbreeding over thousands of years. While many (if not most) humans have a few random Cetra genes, those genes are usually dormant, recessive, and/or have negligible or minor effects.

However, certain individuals have synergistic combinations (i.e., complexes) of Cetra genes which gives them extraordinary abilities which are often reflected in psychic-type powers and the person's reactions to Mako and other things (e.g., Jenova Cells, etc.). Those Cetra gene complexes fall into three broad categories or functions -- combat, support, and special. Some people have only one complex, but others have two or more (typically with one primary and one or or more secondary).

EDIT: High level genes provide a broad array of talents, abilities, and powers, while lower level genes provide narrower, more specific abilities, etc. High level genes include the same abilities as lower level genes, but stronger versions and more of them.

Examples of high-level Cetra gene complexes are:
(1) combat -- Attack, Protect, etc.
(2) support -- Heal, Bind, Veil, Create, etc.
(3) special -- Command, Morph, etc.
EDIT: Examples of mid-level or low-level Cetra genes are: Persuade, etc.

As in real life, genetics alone do not dictate an individual's behavior but they can strongly influence it. ^_^

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