February 28th, 2007

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

All good COI-plushies should run for cover....

To quote the Grinch who stole Christmas....

"Then he got an idea!"
"An awful idea!"

It's getting bad. My COI-muses are now infesting my dreams. In fact, they left me with two dreamlets last night....

All I remember of the first is that it involved Sephiroth dunking Zack in melted chocolate and using him for bait somehow. Zack in warm liquid chocolate (preferably naked).... mmmmmm... I'll definitely remember that one. :d

The second was the "wonderful, awful idea!". And sooooo deliciously E-VIL! Here I was wrestling with a suitable source of Sephiroth-angst in Chapter 8, then BOOM! It was one of those EUREKA! moments in fic-writing, when a plotbunny sneaks up behind you and smacks you with a 1-ton hammer, leaving you cross-eyed and muttering "Hey, that works!!!"


::slithers leisurely to the group of COI-plushies huddled quivering in a corner::
::evil smirk::
::grabs a squeeling Seph-plushie in one of her jaws and carries him off::

::mumbling through a mouthful of plushie::
Don't worry, I'll get around to you boys later! }:E

Remaining plushies (Strife-plushie included): WAAAIIII!!! ;_;