April 28th, 2006

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Oi oi...!

Ugh. I got through the optional boss battle with Sephiroth in the most clumsiest way imaginable. ::cringes with utter embarrassment:: Then again, as I have mentioned many times before, my eye-hand coordination sucks total vacuum.

Thank GOD that the infinite life cheat (for Codebreaker) in Kingdom Hearts 2 worked even through Sephiroth's Heartless Angel attack -- the infinite life cheat in the first KH game didn't, which is why I never finished that Sephiroth battle. ::sulk::

Oi. I know the appropriate strategies, but trying to implement them was a whole other matter. My poor Sora spent most of the battle caught up in various combos that undoubtedly would have killed him a thousand times over if not for the infinite hp cheat. ::pets her Codebreaker:: In fact I did the most damage by spamming the hell out of Reflectaga and Magnetega whenever I had any MP -- thank goodness for infinite MP cheats, too! Oh, and a Magic stat of 250+ certainly didn't hurt. ^_- He also had a 250+ Strength stat as well, but I had a ridiculously hard time closing within striking range. ::sigh::

But the chance to watch Cloud and Sephiroth go at it was worth it! *_*

EDIT: moved the stuff about the AC sims up into its own entry
FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Sims, Advent Children style

(decided to give this tidbit its own entry)

Yes, there are apparently Sim skins based on Advent Children and other Final Fantasy characters. I discovered this interesting fact when I ran across a video of a Sim AC Sephiroth and Sim AC Cloud making out like mad in Sim fashion, complete with kissy sounds, sexy murmurs, leg twining, and all that jazz.

Or if you prefer, you can see an aggressive Cloud making a move on Sephiroth....

I... I don't know what to say. O_o

EDIT: YouTube is currently down for maintenance, but it should be back up in a few hours.
EDIT: Yay! YouTube is back up and running!