February 22nd, 2006

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Irked with Borders

My friend kikotei's recent problem with Borders has reminded me of my own little ongoing feud with them about the damned annoying adhesive security tages they've started placing in the manga books.

Now I understand why those books would be a target for shoplifting, and I don't mind security tags, per se. But why the hell do they have to pick sticky adhesive tags and attach them to the interior pages of the book?

After damaging one or two of my newly purchased manga trying to get those damn things out -- as soon as possible because those pesky tags have a nasty tendency to weld themselves to the pages if you leave them in place, not to mention making the books difficult to read and stack because of their bulk -- I finally started to make the salesclerks at Borders remove them for me.

The typical conversation -- say, 6-7 out of 10 times -- goes as follows:

Salesclerk: I don't need to remove the tag. I've already deactivated it.
Hydra: I want you to remove the actual tag, thank you.

Saleclerk: But I can't find it. ::staring stupidly at manga::
Hydra: It's that blatantly obvious lump smack in the middle of the book. ::instantly locates tag::

Salesclerk: Oh, but I'm afraid of ripping the page!
Hydra: ::very toothy grin:: That's why I want YOU to remove it, not me.

Salesclerk: But....
Hydra: ::calmly looks prepared to stand there blocking the register until salesclerk complies::

I figure that if the saleclerk screws up, I can just get another copy off the shelf or otherwise get credit for it right away. After all, I'm not paying ten bucks for a book that I might be forced to damage because of their poor choice of security device. If Borders insists upon using these types of tags in manga, on paper that are can easily be damaged, then the store has a responsibility to remove the tags and ensure that the customer gets an undamaged product! ::huff::

-- Addendum (3/1/2006) --
I don't mean to say that I object to Borders using security tags to prevent shoplifting. Given the price of most manga versus their relatively compact size, I do understand that why the bookstores feel a need to prevent theft. I just think they need to come up with a better method or security device -- one that doesn't risk damaging the book when removed.

Or they should at least make it a standard store policy to remove the tags for the customer when purchased, just like when purchases a CD/DVD in those security cases or buying clothing with security tags, instead of making the customer ask (and sometimes argue) about it every single time.