August 3rd, 2005

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Trinity Blood - sexy vampires and even sexier priests

The weather isn't the only thing steaming hot this summer....

And oh, watch out for the puddles of drool on the floor. ^_^;;;

I'm talking about this new anime series (based on a series of manga and novels) called "Trinity Blood".

Plotwise, Trinity Blood isn't all that original. It's like a blend of:
(1) Trigun (complete with a protagonist whose goofiness hides a deadly serious kickass side, a promise to a now-dead cherished person not to kill, the uber-powerful psycho-sibling(?) who killed said cherished person, lost technology);
(2) Hellsing (vampires, limitations on the protagonist's powers that have to be specifically released, a strong-willed female heading a covert organization, a grim and highly militant Catholic church); and
(3) a sprinkling of Vampire Hunter D (post-apocalyptic world with quasi-feudal political structure).

But visually, TB is a hell of a lot better looking than Trigun or Hellsing -- much more on the lines of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust in its lush visual design.

And incredibly hot bishies (many of them priests!) EVERYWHERE. Many of the women (spec ops nuns! LOL) are stunningly gorgeous as well. Let's face it -- Cardinal Catherina Sforza has Sir Integra Hellsing totally trounced in the feminine looks department, and Catherina is certainly not lacking in the brains or the guts area, either.

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