April 24th, 2005

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Weirdly productive weekend

Thursday evening, I started (re)playing Resident Evil Code: Veronica X.

Friday, I installed and started to play Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (the new expansion pack).

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Saturday morning, I suddenly felt the urge to crochet something. And so, I spent Saturday and Sunday alternating between: (1) blasting the crap out of all sorts of demonic creatures; and (2) crocheting an afghan.

So the last two days has basically gone like this:

10:00 AM - running around a wrecked futuristic spacebase, fighting off imps, vulgars, revenants, and zombie security personnel
10:30 AM - poking through my crochet patterns to find just the right granny square pattern
11:00 AM - lunch
12:00 PM - picking through my stash of yarns for just the right color combo - main color black, of course!
12:30 PM - whipping out my rocket laucher while very clumsily dodging - not! -- a Hell Hunter's fireballs
1:00 PM - crochet
2:30 PM - creeping through a dimly lit pumping station, shotgun in hand, as the scrabble of demonic claws gets ever louder
4:00 PM - more crochet
5:00 PM - dinner
6:00 PM - attempting to shove the alien artifact that started all the damn trouble down the end-boss monster's throat. Neh!
7:00 PM - yet more crochet

You get the idea. ^_-

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BTW, I really don't have a pattern for the afghan. I'm sort of designing it on the fly, so there's no telling what it will end up looking like. Or maybe I should turn it into a cover for one of my euro pillows? ::sweatdrop::

But I think I need a break, so I'm off to watch episode 3 of Loveless. ::drool::
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