April 7th, 2005

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

One plot bunny wounded, but still hopping

Pooh! After finishing Resident Evil 0, my convenient plan to use Rebecca Chambers as female protagonist for my RE ficcie has suffered a slight setback. From the ending of RE0 -- which I felt was definitely poignant -- I think that Rebecca and Billy have excellent emotional chemistry together. So while I still tentatively plan to use Rebecca in my own fic, I really have the urge to throw Billy in there somewhere, if only as supporting background.

BTW, I absolutely adore Billy Coen. ^_- Aside from the fact that he's quite yummy (arm tattoos and all), he's a man with secrets. And we all know how I like guys with deep, dark, secrets.

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Ah, lots of nutritious plot bunny fodder there! ::points:: See, there's one right over there involving how Billy got those fascinating tribal-style arm tattoos!

As for Rebecca, I'll definitely go for the much calm and competent RE0 version, rather than the wimpy REmake (Resident Evil remake for GameCube) version. I'll just pretend that that while she was out of sight in REmake, she was doing her own share of exploring and kick-ass. And when we do see her in the REmake, she's just happens to be physically and emotionally worn down. Hey, it's my prerogative as a fanfic author! ^_-