March 28th, 2005

FF7-AC-Cloud in church

Murder, madness, and mayhem

I finally broke down and bought a GameCube and Resident Evil 4 this weekend. And after playing RE4 all weekend, I've come to several definite conclusions.....

(1) Leon unquestionably deserves a place in the Video Game Hottie Hall of Fame. He even has that snug black, high-collared t-shirt thing going that I like so much. Yum! *_*

(2) If the people around me ever actually get taken over by evil parasites or turned into slavering flesh-eating zombies (by whatever means), I'm a goner. Period. Not a snowflake's hope in hell, etc., etc. Just tuck a tombstone over me.

And now for some additional thoughts and rants about RE4....

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But after unlocking all the special weapons, I'm off to indulge in another round of gratiutious parasite slaughter using my new toys. ::fondling her Infinite Rocket Launcher::