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Convolutions of an Evil Mind
COI - Yes, Strife is unquestionably a total psycho
24 hisses or Hiss in my ear....
mukanshin From: mukanshin Date: January 13th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
Oh, I don't know -- perhaps the equivalent of a small nuclear warhead? ^_-

O= The equivalent of a small nuclear warhead you say? Ewww~~~ Pretty! You're just making me giddy all over again.

Well, Strife is blatantly crazy, but he's certainly not the gibbering, frothing at the mouth type of crazy. He can be sly, cunning, calculating, and even patient if it allows him to ultimately get what he wants. Think about this -- Strife has been doggedly picking at the original Cloud's self-image for YEARS, magnifying the original Cloud's insecurity and sense of inadequacy. Who knows, maybe the events in the game and Last Order (i.e., Cloud defeating Sephiroth) actually took place in COI. It's Strife who has been dropping poisonous whispers that it was really Zack who defeated Sephiroth at the Nibel Reactor, etc. Strife's had a long time to brood about the 'crimes' against him, a long time to plan his revenge, and now he has the chance to carry out his dreams -- now he can finally grind everyone's face in the fact that he's 'the best, the strongest', etc.

:2 He still seemed just a wee bit too reserved to me, though things you say I know. Although the quite ones more scary. :X These things you say of the inconsistancy of the gamea & last order working in COI would be very good. The more you think of it there more it seems that Last Order was made specifically with COI in mind. O.o Or is that just me?

I have never quite 'gotten' the apparent fixation people have for categorizing characters as seme or uke. ^_^;;

Niether do I actually. O.o; Though I tend to be very set on a particular order if one is formed in my mind. Same with pairings. ^^;; Mayhaps it was just the way that I wormed my way into the yaoi/slash fandom.

Yes, I did deliberately leave things quite vague, didn't I? ::grins evilly:: The others (and thus the reader) can't read Strife's mind, so they can't possibly know exactly which memories or incidents he's thinking about when he rants on like this. Hell, for all they know, Strife's totally delusional or flat out lying -- although this is somewhat unlikely considering the other hints lying around.

Truth be told I was actually suprised when no one in the group seemed to have any kind of reaction to ah..news of Sephy & Zack being maybe lovers. At the very least I would have expected some kind of reaction from Reeves since he was suspecting and such.

Considering how powerful Strife is, poor Sephy may not have a choice but to resort to extreme measures. ::innocent whistle::

WEE!!!!!!!!!!! ~~^____^~~
24 hisses or Hiss in my ear....