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Want. KH2. NOW.

Amy-chan's whining about Kingdom Hearts 2 reawoke my interest, so I started digging for new trailers. And lo, what should I find out? KH2 was already out in Japan, which means a whole slew of new videos! ::beam:: And guess what I uncovered in my webcrawling?

Cloud and Sephiroth both make an appearence in KH2. And not just Cloud, but Advent Children Cloud! ::slobber:: And One-Winged Angel Sephiroth!

And how is this scene for deja vu?

They're at it again

I apologize profusely for the quality of the screencap, but Windows Media Player doesn't let you step through frame-by-frame like other video apps, so grabbing the right moment was nearly impossible. ::sigh:: But you get the general idea. ^_-

Like Amy-chan said, I can't wait for KH2 to come to the US. Want! Want NOW! ::throws infantile tantrum::
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