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After over a decade with the same 17" CRT monitor, I finally cracked and got a new LCD monitor. Actually, I cracked the day after Thanksgiving. Lured by the post-holiday sales, I got up at 6 AM and grabbed a nice Samsung 19" LCD monitor for about $200 (counting the $57 rebate).

However, I didn't actually hook it up to my system until today, because I just couldn't work up the energy. However, as the 30-day deadline for either returning the monitor or sending in the rebate approached, I finally gritted my teeth and took the plunge.

I didn't anticipate any problems with my Mac, because Macs tend to play very nicely with most standard peripherals. Ahhhh, all that wonderful screen space to stretch out in, and text is nice and readable even at 1280x1024 resolution. This was NOT the case with my old 17" CRT (which actually had only about 16"-worth of actual screen space.

My main concern was with my PC and my PC games. I didn't expect any problems with running the older games, but I was worried about the performance with the graphic-intensive games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, especially since my PC is getting a bit outdated on the CPU side. Since LCDs tend to look like crap if you run things at non-native resolutions, I was bit worried how things would look if I had to run things at lower resolutions. However, after a little testing and tweaking, it looks like there won't be any significant problems.

And the upgrade in brightness, constrast, and desktop space is definitely worth the trouble (especially for a mere $200).

Right now, my eyes are thanking me. @_@
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