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With a decidedly psychotic grin....

... Hydra floats in delirious ecstasy.

Why? Because I got to watch 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children' AND 'FF7: Last Order'!!!!

Oh my god. I don't know what I enjoyed more -- watching CGI Cloud and Sephiroth both in full 'weapons of mass destruction' fight mode, or FINALLY getting a chance to watch animated Zack totally kick ass!!!

::squees like a mad thing before melting into a puddle of Hydra-goo::

Actually, I only got a chance to skim through FF7:AC, but I did watch FF7: Last Order all the way through because I'm such a hopeless Zack-fangirl. ^_^;;;

Beware Spoilers and the COI Redux muse in total overdrive....

'FF7: Last Order' briefly covers the events at Nibelheim (the massacre) up to the ride in the truck just before Zack's death. It's a mixture of events just before the game (Zack's and Cloud's escape from Nibelheim) and flashbacks to the Nibelheim massacre.

Now I really regret not keeping up on the information on the 'Before Crisis' phone game because it seems that the Turks were very much involved with the whole Nibelheim incident. Also, the new playable Turk characters from BC have some very nice character designs. I suppose it was silly of me not to consider that there are (or were) quite a few more Turks than show up in the original FF7 game. Unfortantely, chances are good that many of them didn't survive the Meteor incident. But who knows? ::significant eyebrow waggle::

As well known, 'FF7: Advent Children' takes place two years after the Meteor incident. Now, my fanfic 'Conflicts of Interest' was always an alt-universe story and I have no plans to try to make COI conform to all the new and upcoming material. For example, 'Crisis Core' is supposed to be a pre-FF7 game focused on Zack in his SOLDIER days, and who knows what twists Square might throw in the plot?

However, both 'Last Order' and 'Advent Children' have some interesting plot points that really have me thinking. I was already in the process of Redux-ing COI, sooooo....

As mentioned before, 'Last Order' has some very interesting insights and background into the Nibelheim incident... and some inconsistencies with the game version. Some can be recounciled (how/where Zack actually was killed), but others can't (Cloud's fight with Sephiroth in the Nibelheim reactor). But in a way that's good, because I have even more plot possibilities to take inspiration from and otherwise fold, spindle, and mutilate. ::evil cackle::

Another reason I like 'Last Order' so much is because we actually have a chance to see just how good Zack is in action. True, he was badly defeated in the Nibelheim Reactor, but he actually managed to last a while against a psycho-Sephiroth, which has to be considered a major achievement for any 'normal' person or SOLDIER.

'Last Order' also confirmed my personal opinion of how formidable the SOLDIERs, First Class were (and are). They are vastly superior to normal humans and even other SOLDIERs. Zack rips through mobs of normal Shinra troopers without breaking a sweat and even manages to pull off a delightful Matrix-ish bullet-time trick.

One of my favorite scenes in 'Last Order' -- Zack and Cloud are surrounded by troopers somewhere in Midgar. Cloud is totally out of it so Zack parks him against a column and pins/shields him in place by sticking the Buster Blade into the ground. Zack then proceeds to go barehanded against a squad of at least twenty troopers loaded with machine guns. The troopers all start shooting, but Zack dodges everything so well (bullet time!) that the troopers end up shooting each other ::snerk:: while the Buster Blade helps to protect Cloud. The troopers are understandably freaked out. At that moment, two motorcycle troopers ride by and Zack takes off after them on foot (probably to grab them as transportation). The troop leader wonders why Zack abandoned his buddy, then decides that it's a perfect opportunity to capture comatose Cloud. However, easier said than done! It's hilarious to watch two troopers struggle futilely to pull the Buster Sword out of the ground so they can grab Cloud, and then watch Zack ride up on a captured motorcycle, knock the two troopers out cold with a casual blow apiece, and then with one hand effortlessly removes the Buster Blade and puts it on his back with his characteristic twirl. *__*

::turns into fangirly goo puddle yet again::

As for 'Advent Children', I've only had a chance to skim thorough the good bits like TRULY crazy motorcycle chases to sword duels where the participants bound from building to building (or into the air) with terrifying ease. BTW, the laws of physics take a really serious pummeling in 'Last Order' and even more so in 'Advent Children', but who cares? It looks so darn pree-ttty!!

In 'Advent Children', we see that both Rufus and Tseng survived the Meteor Incident. Amazingly, Rufus appears to have some sense and perhaps even compassion knocked into him. This leads to even more fodder for my COI Redux muse regarding Rufus and Tseng. Hmmmm... some very interesting possibilities there, especially given the COI theory about Cloud's parentage. And if Cloud's tolerance of Mako-induced modifications could be genetic, what does that say about Rufus? ::diabolical eye-gleam::

Must... order... Advent Children... OST....

::staggers off zombie-like to the CD Japan Website::
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