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Trust me, I know what I'm talking about....

Last Tuesday, before I left for Otakon, I called tech support because my computer mouse was not working properly (i.e., veering off in weird directions). So I requested a new mouse and also a new keyboard because some of the keys were wonky, too. I specifically asked if they could replace these items while I was out of the office and they said, "No problem."

Naturally, when I come back on Monday, no new mouse or keyboard. With my mouse behaving even more erratically than ever, I call tech support AGAIN and tell them to fix the problem. Eventually, the tech shows up, carrying a new mouse and keyboard. But does he replace them right away and leave me to my work? Nooooo....

The argument went something like this:

Me: Please replace my mouse and keyboard. They're not working.

Tech: Well, I checked them out on Wednesday and they seemed to be working fine.

Me: No, they're not. Some of the keys are sticking and the mouse won't go where I want it to go.

Tech: (stolidly) Well, when I checked they seemed okay to me.

Me: (striving valiantly for patience) No, they're not. THE MOUSE IS NOT TRACKING PROPERLY.

Tech: (wiggles mouse wildly all over screen) See, it moves just fine.

Me: (gritting teeth) Yes it moves, but the cursor doesn't go WHERE I WANT IT TO GO.

Tech: Oh. But all you have to do is jiggle it around a bit and it'll get there. (demonstrates by randomly waggling mouse again)

Me: (nobly stifling desire to snarl) I do not want to spend my time constantly 'jiggling' my mouse around in the off-chance that it will hit the right line in my document or the right button. PLEASE REPLACE MY MOUSE BECAUSE IT IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY.

Tech: But it's working okay. (jiggling mouse yet again)

Me: It's not working 'okay' to ME. And since I'm the one using it for 8-9 hours a day, I want a mouse that works correctly. REPLACE MY MOUSE.

Tech: (somewhat sullenly) Oh, all right.

Me: And I need a new keyboard.

Tech: But when I tried it out, it seemed to working fine.

Me: (eyebrow tic) The keys occasionally stick or are loose.

Tech: I don't get it. (typing out a random sequence of letters) See, no problem.

Me: (fights to maintain proper workplace decorum) The keys don't stick all the time. They do that only occasionally, but it's enough to be annoying and bothersome, considering how much I type.

Tech: Can't you work around it? All you have to do is....


Tech: (with obvious reluctance) Sheesh, all right.


So the tech eventually replaces my mouse and keyboard -- sloooowly -- and prods off looking obviously disgruntled.

I collapse in my chair and wonder what was the big friggin' deal!?!?

Now, it's not as if I had asked for a brand new computer. And it's not as if the new mouse and keyboard were coming out of the tech's own pocket. And it's not as if the federal goverment doesn't buy replacement computer mice and keyboards by the thousand, at least.

And here is this person wasting a good half hour or of my valuable time arguing about a keyboard that probably cost at most $20 and a $10 mouse.

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