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A dangerous combo....

....Hydra and any sort of craft-gadget-hardware-organizer-type department or store.

A taste of Hydra's pre-con preambulations....
After doing my pre-con laundry, I went out to do some last minute shopping. Amy-chan made a very good suggestion about camp chairs, since the lines at Otakon are always so horrendous. So off I went in pursuit of the elusive folding camp stool. I prowled through Target, wandered into the automotive section, contemplated and tried out every available organizer for a car's interior, then went over to the backpack section and did the same thing. Since the start of the school year is coming soon, there were so many backpacks to examine in meticulous detail. Then it was finally over to the camping section, where I got sidetracked by coolers.

I ended up getting a variety of items, but no camp stool.

As I contemplate going to WalMart or the Sports Authority, I just happened to drive past... an outdoor equipment store! And since I haven't been in a sporting store in ages, much less a serious camping store, there was so much fascinating STUFF to paw through. ::avaricious gleam:: And I indeed found my camp stool (after repeatedly trying on every collapsible chair and stool, much like Goldilocks) for an inexpensive $17. But I also found all these interesting carbiner(sp?) clips and sun-blocking hats and the extra-long web straps I've looking for and....

Well, you get the picture. ^_^;;;;

However, it could have been much worse. Luckily the thought of Otakon made me limit my urge to get unnecessary (but nifty!) stuff. Fortunately, I had no excuse to go to the Home Depot....

As a side note - a new installment of Saiyuki Gaiden is out!
Picking up where the story left off -- in Heaven, Goku-chan has gone berserk, shattered his diadem, transformed into Son Goku, and engaged in bloody mayhem. Said mayhem ends with the esteemed Merciful Goddess Kanzeon Bosatsu trashes Son Goku's ass. Now Son Goku's out cold, and Konzen, Tenpou, and Kenren are holed up somewhere, with the dragon general guy (can't remember his name at the moment) as hostage and Li Touten (aka THE Conniving Rat-Bastard) storming around in the background. The dragon general guy and Konzen talk, when the general basically does a 'look out behind you!' because Son Goku suddenly stand up. Konzen and Son Goku stare at each other, then Son Goku swipes and pounces on Konzen.

So Son Goku is sitting on Konzen, Konzen is bleeding from a slash on his cheek, and then....
Konzen hugging Son Goku

Awww.... ::melts into a puddle of Hydra-mush::
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