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Shhhh! The Evil Plot Bunnies(tm) are restless....

::nervous look:: Damn, my Yu-Gi-Oh obsession is growing. Now I can hear Evil Plot Bunnies(tm) rustling in the bushes. They've been stalking me for the last few days, waiting for just the right moment to pounce....

It didn't help that I got an eyeful of Kaiba in full semi-bondage trenchcoat magnificence in yesterday's episode on the WB (when he gets out of the limo to visit the museum). ::sigh:: Maybe I have a slight fetish for dangerous, ruthless characters in trenchcoats (e.g., Aoshi of Rurouni Kenshin, Aya of Weiss Kreuz, etc.).

Just an odd little side-thought. I noticed in the manga that after Yami's first appearance in the manga, little Yugi nonchalantly starts wearing that buckled collar thingie around his throat (which I seriously doubt is part of standard Japanese school uniforms!). It certainly isn't the sort of thing one would imagine Yugi wearing on his own initiative. Hmmmm....

::behind the Hydra, the sinister Plot Bunnies bounce in triumph::


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