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Doing a Gwendal....

Yeah, I'm knitting. Okay, so I haven't gotten beyond doing garter stitch scarves/wraps, but hey, I'm knitting for stress relief. I'm not in the mood to mind my knits and purls. So there! ::best steely Gwendal-glare::

I finished off the scarf I started while watching Tour de France coverage on OLN (Red Heart Symphony - Magenta). It's a lightweight faux mohair which is snuggly, but prone to tangling when I'm trying to pull it from the skein.

I've fallen in love with the new nylon microfiber yarns coming out. They're more expensive than the more common acrylic yarns, but they're soooo soft and cushy, like tribbles! You don't even need to knit or crochet them. ::plumping up a skein (or two or three) and perching them on my bed::

I finally got my new car -- a nice, functional blue Corolla. And while the whole car-breakdown and car-buying experience was somewhat traumatic, I must admit that it's nice to have a brand new car with working AC and everything, especially given the horribly hot/humid weather we've been having recently.

However, I'm a bit peeved that Toyota no longer offers cassette decks as an audio option. It's a single CD player (basic) or a 6-CD changer (upgrade). Which is a real pain because I've gotten used to playing my iPod in my car (via a cassette adapter). Yeah, I got a FM transmitter for my iPod (after trying three different brands), but it's a lot of trouble for short, in-city driving. So now I'm back to burning audio CDs. ::snort::

But there's a side beneft to having a limited playlist in the car. Currently, I only have one CD burned so far, and it's my COI music. So now I'm seriously starting to get back into a FF7-COI mood after listening to my favorite mix of Metallica and the FF7 OST.

::grinning evilly as needles click::

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