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Grrrrr. It's been a crap day.

I decide to take a quick drive to grab some early lunch. So I'm driving down the road and suddenly notice huge jets of steam shooting out from under my hood. Temperature gauge, pegged beyond the red zone. Fortunately, I'm within a mile of a Toyota dealership so I manage to drive into the service area.

Wait? 5 hours in a waiting room with only a number puzzle in a newspaper. Fortunately, I had my iPod with me.

Assessment? Cracked radiator, among other things.

Cost? $700+ That's just to make the car drivable, putting aside the tons of not immediately vital repairs which need to be done.

Now this is a 15 year old Toyota with well over 100,000 miles on it, no air-conditioning or heat, oil leaking everywhere, sooooo...

End result? I need a new car.

Oh. Friggin'. Joy.

::starts knitting ferociously::

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