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Working (and I mean WORKING) for my Kingdom Hearts fix...

I finally broke down and got a GameBoy SP, just so I could play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Naturally, I bought a Action Replay for GBA at the same time. The game is both real-time and card-based, so the player has to sort out which card to use and use it at the right time while simultaneously running, jumping, and dodging. O_o

Not good, especially for someone like me. I freely admit that I am (in polite, PC terms) seriously 'reflex challenged'. In other words, I totally blow at any sort of game that requires good hand-eye coordination. Now this wouldn't have been such a big deal, except none of the official infinite health codes work! ::gnashing teeth::

Please excuse me as I now lapse into a bit of game-geekness....

Finally, after much Yahooing, Googling, and prowling around various GBA hacking forums, combined with considerable testing, I finally rounded up some infinite health or invincibility cheats that actually worked, at least for Sora's Game -- one for Heartless-type monsters/bosses and one for human-type bosses. Go figure. ::shrug::

Unfortunately, nothing I tried worked for Riku's Game. ::grumble:: However, maxing out Riku's Attack Points (aka the amount of damage he can do) to 99 (30 is the game limit) ended up working nearly as well, because most normal monsters died in 1-3 hits. As for bosses, using the Jafar card ensures that my next 20 attacks can't be broken and well.... ::evil laugh:: A few bosses survived those 20 attacks, but by that time, Riku was almost always in Dark Mode, which seemed to increase his damage even more and possibly taking up 1/3 or more of a health bar per attack. I can't be sure because I was too busy button-mashing. ^_^;;;

But curiously, that Max Attack Point cheat seems to work with Sora, too, even though that stat never appears in his Game. When I left the cheat on and started a new Sora's Game, Sora was dishing out massive damage, whether by keyblade, magic, or summons. I know this because on several occasions, Simba cleared the entire field with a single roar. ::cackle::

Edit: I killed off Malenficient(sp?) with 3 Simbas and the first swipe of Cloud's Omnislash. And they call HER evil! ::smirk::

Now I know this, I can merrily go hunting for enemy cards. ^_^

BTW, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is sitting on my desk, whispering to me.
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