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Star Wars - Attack of the Stupid Pills(tm)

I went to see "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" today. All and all, it was pretty good, probably because it consisted mostly of non-stop action, broken by a minimum of clunky dialogue (especially between Anakin and Padme).

But as I watched it, I've come to the firm conclusion that the Jedi Council has been wolfing down Stupid Pills(tm). I mean, Anakin is very likely the great and powerful "The Chosen One" who's going to eliminate that pesky Sith Lord problem for them. And yet the Jedi Council pretty much treats Anakin like crap.

I'm not saying that the Jedi Masters should fawn all over him, but surely they could be a little more supportive of the poor guy, for god's sake! Practically everything they do seems calculated to alienate Anakin. He obviously has difficult questions and needs moral guidance, but all they seem to do is to tell him to shut up and do as he is told. Even if you don't trust him fully or want to keep information secret, there are plenty of ways to placate Anakin and make him feel appreciated/needed without spilling all the beans.

And Yoda, if your young, hot-blooded, inexperienced prophesized savior comes to you with a prophetic dream about the death of someone close to him, telling him (Anakin) to basically do nothing except prepare himself for the worst isn't very helpful. ::rolling eyes:: At least try to be a bit more understanding and try discretely warning the guy that rash and impulsive action may cause the very disaster he (Anakin) is attempt to avert. Granted, Yoda does say something to that effect, but it's so vague as to be useless, given Anakin's agitated state of mind.

I felt much the same way when I read the fifth Harry Potter book "The Order of the Phoenix" -- that nearly all of the adults had taken Stupid Pills(tm). In both cases, you have extremely talented, inexperienced young people with insecurities and questions. Surely there are much better ways of addressing such insecurities and questions other than stonewalling, ignoring, or otherwise leaving the poor guy out in the cold. And in both cases, the stupidity of the people in charge leaves the poor protagonist upset, alienated, and ripe for manipulation by the bad guys.

A prime example in "The Order of the Phoenix" is at the very beginning of the book after the Dementor attack. Harry is left to stew at the Dursleys for 3 whole days without so much as a note. How hard (and how risky) would it have been to simply send a quick message back saying something like "We're working on it. Hang in there."? I can't see how that would give away some vital, earth-shattering secret. And the reasons for not making him a prefect -- couldn't Dumbledore or another teacher have simply explained that to Harry ("we think that you have too much going on already to take on an added burden") at the very start? Honestly!

The same thing applies to Anakin. Instead of brusquely packing him off to the Jedi Council chamber to brood, couldn't the Jedi Masters think of something to keep Anakin constructively occupied? Perhaps something on the lines of "You can't go with us when we confront Palatine because we need you to do some important errand"? Sheesh!

On a side note, I really liked Bail Organa of Aldaran(sp?) (Leia's adoptive father), a rather good-looking guy who seems to be one of the few really sensible, practical people in the movie. A pity that he ends up obliterated by the Death Star. ::sniffle::

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