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So much for good intentions....

Currently working on: COI, but my Angel Sanctuary muse is pestering me....
Currently trying NOT to read: Angel Sanctuary manga and translations

And here I was planning to get some serious work done on COI weekend. ::grumble:: I also got sidetracked by other things. On Saturday, I ended up getting the CSI First Season DVD set, and ended up watching almost all the episodes in one day. Okay, I skipped through some of the less interesting, non-forensic science bits (i.e., annoying 'personal' story stuff), but I did go through all 23 episodes.

Then on Sunday, I made the serious mistake of going into one of those mega-craft stores and they were having a SALE. Craft stores and hardware stores -- I can't resist all the neat stuff! ::massive sweatdrop:: Anyway, I ended up picking some nice cross-stitch kits on sale, then ended up reorganizing all my needlework things. So I spent most of Sunday curled up on the sofa, sorting through skeins and skeins of embroidery floss, trying to figure out the difference between pale green brown and light green yellow, while simultaneously watching a NASCAR race.

And now this pesky Angel Sanctuary muse is flying around my head, making persistent squeaking noises about my AU "Perchance to Dream"... no, no, no. Mustn't get distracted....

::starts listening to her COI playlist in hopes of drowning out the sounds of other fic muses::


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