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Oh my god, oh my GOD!!! ::fangirly SQUEEEE::


I just saw a Playstation 3 tech demo clip from the E3 show... and it was part of the intro to Final Fantasy VII!!! You can find the movie at the FFVII P3 Tech Demo at Gamespot.

Imagine FFVII done to not only PS2 standards, but PS3 standards! It was rendered in real-time, but I swear it looks almost as good as the Advent Children movie (which is entirely prerendered CGI).

::runs around in delirious rapture::

.... does this mean....?
.... dare I hope....?
.... remake....?

Hell, if Capcom can remake the original Resident Evil game for GameCube, then SURELY Square can do the same for Final Fantasy VII!

See the new and improved Cloud leaping off the train....

crouching atop the train

leaping into the air

look out below!

coming down

sword poised

letting it rip

who's first?

closeup shot

ready to rock

And damn, he looks fine! ::drool::
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