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ARGH!!! It got me! ::stagger::

I should have known this would happen. ::shaking heads:: A Resident Evil plot bunny -- a big, hyper-aggressive mutant/zombie bunny who must have been a close relative of the killer bunny of Monty Python fame -- snuck up and took a whopping big CHOMP out of my creative ass.

So there it was, gnawing on me and absolutely refusing to let go until I worked out and wrote down a rough outline which at last count was about 7 pages long and still growing. Admittedly, nearly half of the outline is devoted to a pseudo-scientific report-style description of a new, lethal bioweapon. After all, this IS Resident Evil! ::maniacal laughter::

As for game characters, I think Rebecca Chambers (of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil) will do nicely as one of the main players in my little puppet show... I mean, story ::innocent look:: because there's little info as to what happened to her after her two game appearances. Other game characters will show up -- I've just GOT to work Wesker and/or Leon in there somehow, even as a cameo.

There will be a male OC protagonist, but I don't think this fic will be slash. Unlike other series that positively drip with yaoi or slash possibilities, the Resident Evil games just don't strike me that way. So unless I run across a particularly inspiring RE slashfic -- in which case, Leon (RE2, RE4) or Billy Coen (RE0) might end up starring -- it's going to be a male-female team of protagonists, just like all the games. ::shrug::

But the hetero-phobic need not fear, because the characters will be much more concerned with survival and mission success, not mushy romance. I mean, zombies moaning around every corner and mutant animals on the prowl just kills the mood. ^_-

Depending on the vaguries of the Real World(tm), I might be able to put up a small teaser snippet sometime this weekend just to keep the zombie plot bunnies at bay.
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