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Murder, madness, and mayhem

I finally broke down and bought a GameCube and Resident Evil 4 this weekend. And after playing RE4 all weekend, I've come to several definite conclusions.....

(1) Leon unquestionably deserves a place in the Video Game Hottie Hall of Fame. He even has that snug black, high-collared t-shirt thing going that I like so much. Yum! *_*

(2) If the people around me ever actually get taken over by evil parasites or turned into slavering flesh-eating zombies (by whatever means), I'm a goner. Period. Not a snowflake's hope in hell, etc., etc. Just tuck a tombstone over me.

And now for some additional thoughts and rants about RE4....

Guys and dolls....

Leon - I haven't had a chance to play Resident Evil 2 yet, so I don't know what sort of personality he had in that game. But six years later, he definitely has a cocky attitude, both toward his enemies. And in his conversations with his radio contact Hunnigan, he isn't above a little male-female innuendo and teasing. In fact, he reminds me a lot of Dante in Devil May Cry 3. ::snicker:: However, he's never quite sure to make of Ada, perhaps because of their past history. He doesn't try flirting with Ashley, probably because he's a professional (with a serious white knight streak) and because she's probably too young for his tastes.

Ashley - (aka the mission objective, aka Leon's ball-and-chain) As a character, she's rather likable. She's spunky, without being bossy or too aggravating. And she ends up being pretty useful at times. Moreover, she understands that Leon's somewhat hung up on Ada but doesn't get all sulky about it! That makes her a miracle of emotional maturity for a teenager. One of her other good points is that she always listens to Leon when you tell her to follow or wait... unlike certain rebel NPCs in Half-Life 2. ::rolling eyes:: A bad point (which is a biggie) is that she's pretty much totally defenseless. ::sigh::

Luis - As he appears in the game, he looks rather sexy in a really shady, smarmy sort of way. Personally, I'd think he'd look much better if he got cleaned up and into some decent clothes, instead of his game outfit that reminds me of a sleazy village pimp. ::snerk:: He's the only male RE game character I consider remotely consensually slashable with Leon. And I don't want to hear a thing about Krauser and his past history with Leon.

Krauser - Macho psycho-commando. Muscular hulks like Krauser don't do a thing for me, aesthetically speaking. My only interest in this guy was driving/killing him off ASAP so I could get the damn key items. Although, I enjoyed his little knife fight cutscene with Leon... or I would have enjoyed it if I'd had the opportunity to pay any attention to the actual fight. ::snarl:: But more on that peeve later....

Ada - You don't see her much, but it is fun to constantly watch her drive Leon up the wall. There's definitely an air of UST (unsatisfied sexual tension) floating in the air whenever the two are together. ::snicker:: But it is hard to see them as an actual romantic couple on any prolonged basis. Leon definitely has feelings for her, but she never gives him the opportunity to sort them out. And she appears to be working for the wrong side, from his point of view. As for Ada, I think she does have feelings for Leon, too, but she's a pro with a job to do.

Be still my cheating heart....

(infinite life for Leon) == This cheat was the only way I managed to get through this game at all. I don't play video games unless there's an (infinite life) cheat. Unfortunately, this cheat doesn't protect from various highly annoying Instant Death Attacks(tm). ::mutter::

(infinite life for Ashley) == The only way I managed to get through this game with my sanity (and the controller) intact. Escort missions can be sooooo aggravating.

shotgun-type weapon + (infinite ammo) == My usual weapon of choice. Who cares if my aim -- especially when hordes of parasitized goons are charging right at me -- majorly sucks?

flash grenades + (1 hit kills) + (infinite grenades) == totally rocks! ::evil cackle:: I LOVE 'em! Flash grenades have a huge effect zone and minimal impact, so you can just keep throwing them one after the other without flinching and watch the enemies drop dead all over the place. Saturation flash grenading! Wheee!!!

(timer stop) + (timer restart) == the only thing that got me through the timed Mercenaries mini-game so I could unlock the Handcannon. But that "Water World" map and those chainsawing maniacs.... ::shudder::

Fear and loathing and chainsaws....

I hate -- I repeat, I HATE with a deep, profound personal loathing -- the 'Instant Death Attack(tm) that must be dodged using randomly selected buttons'! ARGH! I couldn't enjoy some of the best cutscenes because I was too busy waiting for those damn dodge buttons to flash on the screen! I died who knows how many times during Leon's knife fight with Krauser (6 dodges in a row, followed by 2 frantic button mashing sequences), running from Mega-Robo-Salazar, ducking rolling boulders, diving through and over laser beams, etc. ::snarl:: My only consolation is that Capcom put in a decent system of continue/retry points. But still, it's really, really aggravating, especially for a reflex-challenged person like me.

I also hate the various monster "Instant Death by Decapitation(tm)" attacks. The Los Plagas' attacks usually weren't a problem because of the (1 hit kill) cheat. But after my little run-in with the chainsaw-wielding Bella sisters and having Leon's head hacked off seven or eight times, the mere sound of chainsaws starting up now makes me twitch nervously and looking wildly around for something I can put my back against. O_o And that goes double for the Mercenaries map "Water World", in which I got killed god knows how many times by those two hulking escapees from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Dual chainsaw blades, no less!

But after unlocking all the special weapons, I'm off to indulge in another round of gratiutious parasite slaughter using my new toys. ::fondling her Infinite Rocket Launcher::
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