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A little Chigusa and Rakan eyecandy

I've been trying to get my ancient scanner up and running again -- Amy-chan, I haven't forgotten about that Saiyuki Gaiden dj! -- but it's being damnably cantankerous. ::kick kick:: But I did managed to get it to cough up a scan or two.

Sugiura Shiho's Silver Diamond has become one of my favorite manga series, now that Kohri no Mamono no Monogatari (aka "Ice-cold Demon's Tale") has ended.

So here's one of my favorite images from my recently acquired volume 4 of Silver Diamond. For the uninitiated, Chigusa's the one with the trenchcoat and Rakan's the one on the school uniform.

Image hosted by

It's been said before and I'll say it again -- Sugiura Shiho is a manga goddess.

Now if I can only get a decent icon of Kou....

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