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Going to hell in a handbasket....

Well! Things are getting interesting, angsty, and ominous in Tactics and Sukisyo. Understandable, because I believe both series are close to winding up (Tactics is approx 25 episodes long; Sukisyo is supposedly 13 episodes). And in both instances, it appears to involve the recovery of lost, painful memories.

In episode 10 (raw) of Sukisyo, Sora recovers some of his memories, then suffers some sort of major mental meltdown. And as poor Sora's shambling around in a zoned-out, zombie-like state, Sunao is up to something sinister and has a weird, almost psychotically malicious gleam in his eyes. Need... fansub... now....

And as of Tactics 22, Haruka is struggling with his reawakened Dark Side(tm)... and losing, apparently, as Haruka very nearly takes a swipe at Kantarou's unsuspecting vulnerable back with a hand gone all monstrous and talony. That close call leaves poor Haruka understandably traumatized. ^_^;;; I haven't been following the series that closely (only skimming through the episodes) but Haruka keeps having flashbacks(?) to someone saying that he (Haruka) destroyed something precious to him.

I need to sit down and watch the recent episodes more thoroughly to figure out more, but not until the quarter ends.

Ah yes, the end of yet another quarter looms, and I'm scurrying around like a rabid weasel trying to get stuff done. ::gurgle::

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