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Exhausted, but triumphant

I got my first major piece of new furniture in... oh, a decade!

This is what my new daybed looks like, except mine's done in aged iron. I grabbed this pic from a store website -- my living quarters aren't nearly this expansive or pretty as Amy-chan knows. ::snerk::

Image hosted by

When I ordered the bed, the store said that it would take 6-8 weeks. It arrived in less than 3 weeks.

The delivery people said that they would arrive 1-4 PM. They were over 30 minutes early (before 12:30 PM). I was just about to eat my lunch. O_o

Getting the daybed set up was the easy part. Getting rid of the old metal futon sofa-bed and two full-sized futons was the hard part. God, futons weight a ton and they're impossibly awkward to handle, especially for one person. How do the Japanese deal with moving those damn things around every day? But I survived.... barely.

Ahhhh..... ::collapses on new bed::


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