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In a burst of total frivolity....

I just downloaded episode 8 of Sukisyo, which starts out with a delightfully embarassing scene -- Yoru is fondling a delightfully flushed Ran. The mood gets broken -- DAMN! -- when a clock hits the floor and causes Yoru and Ran to revert back to Sora and Sunao, respectively. Ergo, the embarrassment and Sora's subsequent freakout.

The episode had some adorable moments just begging to be made into icons. So I did.

Chibi Sora freaks out after finding himself in a compromising position....

Chibi Sora bemoaning how he missed a dinner cooked by Nanami.

Chibi Sora in shock. Note his cute little butt! ^_-

Ayano (a doctor friend of Sora's math teacher / 'older brother') and his bunny puppet. What IS it with doctors and stuffed rabbits in anime/manga!?

Chibi Sora, sulking at the sight of hospital food.

Sora and Sunao, snuggled together in a hospital bed, because they're having trouble sleeping alone. Awwww.....


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